Thursday, October 4, 2012

Braised Venison Roast + Kebabs

I made this recipe for a bunch of friends the other night. Also threw on some kebabs and another nice roast on the BBQ. Here's the brisket recipe I used for the braised venison: I took the prunes out half way through to cut down on some of the sweetness. This was everyone's favorite of the night. 

Start by searing the roast in olive oil 

Remove roast and add sliced onion and whole cloves of garlic.

After cooking for a 15 minutes add red wine and red wine vinegar, then simmer over medium low heat until liquid has evaporated. Then add remaining liquid ingredients, remove from pan, place roast in pan, then pour everything over the roast and stick it in the oven, covered with foil. Let it cook at 325 for a couple hours and you're ready to slice and serve. Enjoy.

Kebabs 2 Ways (both delicious)
1. Pepper chunks (black pepper, ground red pepper, and salt)
2. Cajun strips (cajun seasoning + extra black pepper)


Unknown said...

Mouth watering! Are there any leftovers?

Andrew Gardner said...

I wish!

Corey Mulhair said...

Call me biased, and call me spoiled, but that was a hell of a dinner! That braised roast was AMAZING. Hope you drop another one in B-Zone so we can do it again!